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It's wedding season and we were invited to a lovely festive affair in December. As much as I wanted to put on some heels and party up a storm, I had two problems. Firstly, it was a garden setting and if there's anything worse than a heel-induced cobble-wobble, it's a garden-wobble (and a pregnant one at that). Secondly, my feet did not fit into any of my pretty shoes. You know, the ones that make you feel like a rockstar, or a princess or whatever floats your boat.

So I decided to wear some cute silver glitter pumps with my pretty navy cocktail dress, hoping that my feet wouldn’t swell so much that the shoes look like foot-shaped muffin pans. It's one thing having a bun in the oven; quite another when your feet rise higher and plumper than Pillsbury cupcake mix.

My feet did puff up and my cankles made me look like the Elephant Man – bless this summer pregnancy – but I paired my little dress with a light summery scarf and felt fabulous. I even spent some time on the dancefloor.

My advice? Choose a flattering dress that shows off your baby bump. I adore the belted tunic dress from Cherry Melon, because it’s light, airy and flowy, so I felt super girlie and cool. Put on sparkly, comfy pumps or sandals. If your feet aren’t too swollen, you can still pull off wedges and be comfortable. Some shimmering earrings and a pretty necklace will complete your look. Add a chic clutch and you’re good to go. 

Stay tuned to the Cherry Melon blog where I’ll share some more experiences in the weeks to come or follow me on Instagram (@Jani_Venter) and Twitter (@Jani_Venter).

January 13, 2016 by Barbra Nyakudya

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