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3 Things No One Tells You About Breastfeeding

Imagine a world where men breastfed? There’d be breastfeeding bars and four years’ maternity leave! But, that's probably never going to happen. For many, breastfeeding isn’t instantly magical, because it’s as new to us as it is to our newborns. I wish I’d known about these odd breastfeeding quirks – so here’s my gift to you Mama…

It’s not automatic

My baby fussed as she learned to latch, I struggled achieving a position that worked, and my milk supply went into overdrive. I found all of it frustrating – but after a chat with my lactation consultant and lowering my expectations, I stopped crying into my cornflakes and took the pressure off of both of us.

Your milk doesn’t discriminate  

I was standing in the queue at the shops, when a baby in earshot started wailing. My milk machines were there for it, lactating right there in the Pick n Pay. Two wet patches on my grey shirt were testament to my generous boobs, standing by their evolutionary motto of ‘sharing is caring’. Turns out your boobs don’t know who’s who, and breastfeeding women can lactate at the sound of any crying baby!

What’s that prickly feeling?

The let-down reflex is what makes your breast milk available, and is the feeling you get when you settle for a feed. It can feel like pins and needles – and can sometimes even hurt! Oh, and it can get going just by looking at a photo of your baby…

Celebrate the small wins! Be patient with yourself, and ask for help when you need it.

 - By mama Robyn from Johannesburg -

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