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Tips: Preparing for Breastfeeding

1. Learn all you can about breastfeeding before your baby arrives. Taking a specialised breastfeeding class helps you to understand how breastfeeding works, gives you tools for success and the confidence to get off to a great start. Preferably try to find a class held by a qualified lactation consultant.

2. Prepare for a delivery where there is MINIMAL SEPARATION between mom and baby. Part of your birth plan can include:

  • Opting for a natural delivery
  • Where this is not possible ask for a gentle c/section where baby is placed in skin-to-skin contact with mom as soon as possible after delivery.
  • Room-in with your baby.

        3. Have a postpartum plan: Communicate your intention to breastfeed with the staff of the establishment where you deliver your baby.  A lactation consultant can help you set up a realistic plan of action around feeding your baby.

        4. Stock up on your gear for feeding. Here are some of my favourite essentials from Cherry Melon's Feeding range:

                  5. Nutrition: Get a stash of easy to prepare snacks and freezer meals ahead of time. Eating well and staying hydrated gives you the energy you need to be a mama. 

                  By Claire Moffatt, Lactation Consultant | Grow Lactation