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When Do You Really Need Maternity Clothes?

You’ve just found out the good news! You’re pregnant! Firstly Congratulations, it’s a beautiful life-changing experience. The first couple of steps is easy.

  • Celebrate with the (non-alcoholic) bubbly
  • Buy an impractical-but-oh-so-cute gender-neutral baby outfit,
  • Spoil ourselves with an item of clothing.
Pregnancy Test

Then it hits you, I don’t know what clothing to buy, and this ends up in frustration, making the celebratory outing less than ideal.

We’re here for you! We’ve helped thousands of moms on their pregnancy journey, after all, that’s why we started Cherry Melon.

Let’s answer some of the Most Common Maternity Clothes Questions.

1) Why do you need a maternity clothes plan?

Well, quite simply, it can really simplify your life a great deal if you are prepared for the changes in your body during pregnancy, and how to make your clothes work for you.

Having a maternity wardrobe plan can:

  • Reduce stress
  • prevent decision fatigue
  • Increase confidence

Most Importantly it will make you love your pregnancy so much more. And like with most things, having a plan and making smart and informed decisions! This can save money in the long run.

Baby Bump

2) So where do we begin?

Well let’s look at two important bits of information first that will inform the question at hand:

  • what to expect regarding your changing body
  • quality, durability, and versatility of clothing to go with your changing body

When to start wearing maternity clothing

3) Do you need maternity clothes in the first trimester?

In the first trimester even though your body changes aren’t apparent from the outside there are a bunch of changes going on internally.

  • Indigestion
  • Hormone surges
  • Morning sickness
  • Weight gain

There is an emotional adjustment to being pregnant. Buying yourself something that you can use later on, will help you take charge of the changes, and it will save you valuable time and emotional strain for that day when you wake up one morning and your favourite pair of jeans can’t go past your waist.

Maternity clothes in the first trimester

Best Maternity Wear. (First Trimester)

Buy a few Items of clothing that are good quality and specially designed to grow with you. It's that perfect balance of flattering and comfortable. You want to draw attention to the clothing at first while you still want to keep your secret, but these will be your most versatile and favourite items later on in pregnancy and even after your baby’s birth.

Best for hiding lumps and bumps:

Maxi Dress

Maternity Blouse


Babydoll Dress

Best maternity clothes for the first trimester

For Comfort and style:

A good pair of maternity stretch jeans


Stretchy Pants

Loungewear Shorts

No one will even notice the support band under a blouse. Once you are ready and comfortable to start showing off your bump, then you may want to add to your maternity items.

Maternity stretchy joggers

Best Maternity Wear. (Second and Third Trimester)

Body changes in the second and third trimesters are geared at one thing: baby’s growth.

It’s hard to predict how one’s body will respond to pregnancy, but some aches and pains and discomfort are guaranteed. Some weight gain is also guaranteed, and eventually, your baby bump will peep out of normal clothes, signalling a desperate need for specialised clothing if you leave it too late.

It is also worth mentioning that even though you could wake up one morning and something that fitted yesterday no longer does today (babies have growth spurts!), fetal growth is slow and does take 9 months. Therefore, we may not notice how we are stretching our clothes over time, making them stretched out and unwearable after pregnancy. This brings us to the second bit of information, quality. 

Maternity clothes for the second and third trimester


Why is Clothing Quality so important?

Pregnancy (and new mommy) is a messy business, so it’s best to invest in fabrics that can handle a few spills and creams along the way instead of ruining your designer crisp whites.

1) Once the baby arrives, it is (much) harder to do shopping or worry about looking good. Having versatile and convertible maternity clothing earlier on means you can focus on what is important - caring for your baba - while resting assured that you’re clothing, and body-confidence needs are also met.

2) If you protect your best-quality normal clothes and pack them away during some of your pregnancy, you will be happy and excited to be reunited with your unharmed favourites when you need (another) wardrobe change.

High Quality Maternity Clothing

Check out some of our Favourite Items for the 2nd and 3rd Trimester below. You'll fall in love with our supportive Leggings, cool Tank Tops, Everyday Tees, Stretchy Bras, Flattering Wrap Tops, Soft and Breathable PJs, easy Maternity Dresses, Feeding Cami and Sleep Bra.

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