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New Mom Solutions


Hi mama! Confused about where to start with your maternity wardrobe? New mommy trying to find tops and dresses that will allow you to whip the girls out and feed at a moment’s notice? Need comfy clothes that will keep up with you running after a tireless toddler? 

We’ve got the solutions, all made with love for moms by moms, right here in South Africa. Bonus: Cherry Melon will fit, flatter and support you through all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. 

Maternity Solutions


Oh, hey there baby bump! Mama, don’t wait till you’re bursting out of your regular clothes. Get comfy now with specially designed clothes that grow with your pregnancy from pre-bump to full-term, plus support your postpartum recovery and journey into motherhood.

Not sure what size to get? Maternity works the same as regular sizing. If you’re usually a medium, then this should be your size throughout your pregnancy (unless carrying twins, this does change things slightly). It’s totally normal for breasts to go up a cup size (or two) and to put on weight across the hip, bum and thigh area - Cherry Melon accommodates for this growth. Learn more here.

SOLUTIONS: bump-friendly pregnancy clothes made of high-quality, stretchy fabrics that offer support and flexibility for your gorgeous, ever-changing bod. All of the styles Grow With You, from pre-bump to full-term, postpartum and beyond!

Breastfeeding and Pumping Solutions

Having a new baby is hard enough, and it goes up a notch when you add breastfeeding into the mix!

Unclip, Pull-Aside or Unbutton, we’ve got you covered with discreet, easy-access essentials that will have you feeling comfortable in your own skin again. Must-haves: the right support, plus lots of patience (like, a lot).

Plus, check out BREASTIES, a breast’s best friend! Breasties are a natural product designed to help you on your breastfeeding journey – developed and manufactured locally, they’re made of 100% Cotton and filled with flax seed.

“An amazing 2-in-1 product that provides heat to encourage milk flow and coolness for relief during the engorgement days. Breasties get my seal of approval!" - Claire Moffatt, Lactation Consultant and Founder of Grow Lactation

Breastfed, Bottle-fed, Combo-fed> these styles are designed to support your motherhood journey and postpartum recovery. You got this, mama!!

4th Trimester Soltutions

Whether you just pushed a baby out of your vagina or had major surgery, you’re probably on that hormonal rollercoaster with swollen boobs and raw nipples. Plus, there’s this tiny human who is depending on you for everything.

The fourth trimester is the 12 weeks of life on the other side of pregnancy - a whirlwind where new moms go through massive physical and emotional changes as your baby adjusts to being outside the womb, and you adjust to your new life as a mama.

Postpartum ‘bounce back’ is bullsh#t. It is so important to take the time to recover. Have that shower, eat those snacks, SLEEP, listen to your body, lean on your partner/ friends/ family. Be kind to yourself!

It can take a while to build up your momfidence (mom confidence) and that’s ok. You’ll love the comfort and support of Cherry Melon styles that work from pre-bump to full-term, and support your postpartum recovery and journey into motherhood.

Grow gorgeous in Cherry Melon

Get to know our 'Basics', the go-to staples you’ll want front and centre, everywhere, all-day, every day, and long after your little one arrives.

You’ll be amazed by how many looks can be created with our Basics collection. They're tried, tested, and loved by so many. Available all year round and perfect for every stage of pregnancy, these layer-friendly essentials form the building blocks of a stylish new-mommy wardrobe.

 Maternity Solutions The Everyday Top

 Feeding Solutions The Feeding Cami

 Maternity Solutions The Everyday Tank Top

 Feeding Solutions Overlay Feeding Top

 Maternity and Feeding Solutions Flattering Wrap Top

 Maternity and Postpartum Solutions Leggings

 Maternity, Postpartum and beyond Soft Stretch Jogger

 Maternity and New Mom Solutions Loungewear Shorts

 Maternity Solutions High Stretch Pants

 Maternity Solutions Super Stretch Skinny Jeans

 Maternity Solutions Belted Everyday Dress

 Maternity Feeding and New Mom Solutions Bundles