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Learning to Latch


1) Get your latch right: this can sometimes take patience and practise but it’s so worth it for you, your baby and your milk supply. Don’t wait to ask for help, seek the services of a qualified lactation consultant as early as possible to get you off on the right track. Breastfeeding is not meant to hurt.

2) Spend as much time as possible in skin to skin contact with your baby. This sets your breastfeeding up for great success and the benefits for both mom and baby are endless.

3) Rest and recover: The first two weeks after birth will be tough. You are healing from birth, adjusting to life as a mom and dealing with a big hormone shift. Getting enough rest will make it much more manageable.

4) Manage your engorgement: Keep milk moving by feeding often, and not time limiting your baby’s feeds. Use heat just before feeds to encourage milk flow, and cold between feeds for comfort. Cherry Melon Breasties breast soothers are great for this.

5) Look after your nutrition: Eating a good balance of low GI carbs, protein and healthy fats will help you recover well and have the sustained energy you need to adjust to this new and beautiful role as a mum. Try avoid foods that are high in sugar.

    For more tips and tricks to get breastfeeding off to a great start see @growlactation.

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