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Dad's Guide to Buying Maternity Wear

Dads-to-be, I'm sure by now you have been “invited” (probably forced) to read a hundred pregnancy articles. Trimesters, Wonder Weeks, Birth Plans, Preggy Diets… the list goes on. These days all there is to know about pregnancy is available at your pregnant partner’s fingertips. And who better to share it with than her new birth partner, doula, nurse, fitness instructor, tea-maker, clothes-picker-upper and personal massage therapist - aka you!

We know, it can get overbearing and overwhelming! Well, we are about to give you a few practical tips where you can take hold of the wheel again and send some info her way. Better yet, who needs info when you can deliver the goods?

Do something great: Dad's guide to buying maternity wear

Trust us, taking the lead and showing that you are proactive, interested, and arriving with spoils she never even knew she needed will score you a few extra points. And a bonus? Taking the lead means you’re in charge of the spending too, eliminating impulsive and hormonal preggy buys in future.

Maternity clothing has a bad rep for being too expensive and a “nice-to-have”. But in real terms, it makes a huge difference (pun intended) on all sorts of important levels: increased confidence, decreased decision fatigue, more comfort, fewer aches and pains, motivation for fitness and health, and easier emotional adjustment to being a new mom-to-be. You get it, right? If bought right, maternity clothes can also last much longer than normal clothes and benefit mom and baby well after birth. It's a worthwhile investment.

4 Tips to buying maternity wear for dads

So, in a language we understand, here are 4 tips to get you from reading this post to arriving home with a few special items of maternity wear for your girl:

 #1: Know the basics of the game

Any game of sport is based on the building blocks of rules and strategy. Without the basics, there’s no freedom to enjoy and play. The same goes for maternity wear. We don't need to be reminded, well maybe sometimes we do, but there is literally a tiny human in your partner’s body. Every single part of her body will change. And so, every basic item of clothing will need to be replaced. Without these basics, she has a bad hair day, and everybody loses (including you!).

Know the rules: Start with the basics

Maternity Clothing basics for your pregnant wife:

Leave the accessorising for her. You will transform into a superhero if you can buy these basics all at once. If you need space to budget, start with a pretty dress and go from there.

     Soft Maternity Bra   

#2: Aim for a hat-trick

In the final, you want to bring your A game and you want to score your best to secure the win. See the next 9 months as a match. Your hat-tricks and sixes are where the magic is. For your Peggy fairy, hitting the right clothing items that check all the boxes at the right times (see post on clothing needs for each trimester) can be a real win. Good quality, expertly designed maternity clothes are magical in that they grow with her changing body, are flattering, show off her bump, are super soft, comfy, can handle all the leaks and spills, are designed for heavy wearing, and can transform into postpartum and breastfeeding gear.

Score at hat-trick: Good quality, expertly designed maternity clothes

#3 Don’t get caught offside.

We all know this, whatever you do, don’t get caught offside. You can get the basics right and bring the magic, but there is a couple of no-no’s that can cost you the game. As much as bigger boobs and extra curves are a dream come true for us, now is not the time for tight-fitting lingerie. There are some amazing underwear products available that are made to last while also being simple and attractive. Win. Another no-no is missing your window. Don’t wait until the bump pops. Be proactive, have a strategy and arrive home with the trophy. Win.

Win the game: Get supportive underwear

# Check the Stats (What size maternity wear do I buy)

Games can be won and lost with statistics. Here are some useful stats for sizing maternity clothes:

During pregnancy, it is normal for breasts to go up a cup size (or two) and to put on weight across the hip, bum and thigh area.

Cherry Melon styles are specifically designed to accommodate this growth. Therefore as a rule of thumb, we suggest that she sticks to her pre-pregnancy size. If it's a surprise for her, go into her cupboard to find her size - if she's a 34/Medium/10 then that's the Cherry Melon size she'll need.

If shopping together, you can also use these measurements in cm's below to guide you. Start by taking the following two measurements, then find her size in the table below.

Bust: wearing a bra, measure around the fullest part of her bust
Hip: measure the widest part of her hips, including her bum

Maternity Size Guide

Check out our website. It has the basics, the magic and even sorts out the delivery. Not hard work. Kind of like watching the game. Click click, watch and enjoy the win.

Dad for the Win