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The Ultimate Guide to Maternity Clothing

Congratulations, mama! Amidst the excitement and wonder, you may find yourself faced with a sea of questions like: Where do I even begin? What do I need? When do I need it? And how on earth do I dress this ever-growing bump?

The Ultimate Guide to Maternity Clothing

Worry not, because we're here to help you understand your changing body and how to find clothes that make you feel comfortable and supported… giving you the freedom to grow and space to breathe.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about maternity clothes. So grab your favourite snacks and let's dive in to unlock the mysteries of maternity wear.

I'm pregnant, what do I wear?

Why do I need Maternity Clothes? Can't I just buy bigger clothes instead?

It can be tempting for a pregnant woman to buy a size or two larger in regular clothes. The reality is, you're not just packing on some extra weight – you're growing a human. If you fall into the temptation to buy oversized clothes, you'll end up with ill-fitting and baggy clothes that weren’t designed to support all the changes you’re going through. Cherry Melon maternity clothes are made of high-quality, stretchy fabrics that offer unparalleled support and flexibility.

Wearing maternity clothes that fit well and make you feel good can have a positive impact on your self-esteem and emotional well-being. Pregnancy is a time of transformation, and wearing clothes that flatter your body can boost your confidence and help you embrace the beauty of your changing silhouette.

Throughout pregnancy, your body undergoes an incredible metamorphoses, and maternity wear is specially designed to celebrate what your body is doing. It's like a warm hug that keeps you feeling comfortable and supported, even when things get a little bumpy. Here’s what makes maternity clothes better than regular clothes for growing humans:

What makes maternity clothes better than regular clothes?

When should I start buying maternity clothes?

Wondering WHEN you should buy maternity clothes? How many weeks pregnant should you wear maternity clothes?  Just ask any mom, and you'll hear a variety of answers. Every bump is unique, so there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Let YOUR comfort guide you.

Here are some signs though that scream “its time for maternity wear, mama!":

- You’re uncomfortable, pants don’t fit, buttons and zips don’t close anymore and your favourite jeans suddenly have a love-hate relationship with your belly button.

- Your bra is on strike, refusing to handle the extra load.

- Your go-to tops are starting to resemble crop tops, and you're not quite ready to rock that trend just yet.

Our expert advice: don’t wait till you’re bursting out of your regular clothes. Get comfy with specially designed clothing that grows with your whole pregnancy from pre-bump to full-term, plus supports your postpartum recovery and journey into motherhood. Now THAT’S bang for your buck 😉 

Oh, hey there baby bump! Whether your bump has popped or you’re in that first trimester ‘bloat’ - ALL of our clothes will give you the Freedom to Grow and the Space to Breathe.

Did You Know: in first pregnancies, the bump tends to be a bit more shy, taking her time to say, "Ta-da!" But in subsequent pregnancies, she’s like, "Oh, hey there, I'm back!" and shows up a little earlier.

When should I start buying maternity clothes?

What size maternity clothes should I buy?

Maternity clothing sizes work the same as regular ones do, meaning, you're the same size in maternity clothes that you are in regular clothes. 

If you normally wear a size medium, you’ll be a maternity medium, too. If you buy a medium in the first trimester, that same medium will be a loyal companion all throughout your pregnancy (and beyond)! Cherry Melon clothing accomodates not only your growing belly and breasts but caters for normal weight gain too. 

If this is your first pregnancy, it’s nearly impossible to figure out how your body will change as your pregnancy progresses. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you stick to your pre-pregnancy size and do not ‘size up’. Sizing up may lead to ill-fitting tops and pants being too big, which gives you that “dropped crotch” or “slipping down” feeling. But, everyone is different and it’s important to get what’s comfortable. 

We suggest buying a size up if (a) you have a very large bust (normal preggie growth excluded); (b) you feel like you have gained extra weight (above the normal weight gain range); (c) you're having twins or triplets.

Feeling a tad nervous about ordering online without the traditional "try on" experience? Fear not! Take your hip and bust measurements in centimeters and compare them to our handy-dandy Size Chart.

What size maternity clothes should I buy?

What maternity clothes do I really need?

A lot depends on the season you’re due as well as your lifestyle. We suggest that you start with a few maternity wardrobe essentials that can be mixed and matched to give you a versatile base outfit that can be dressed up or down.

Game-changing comfort starts here:

- Mom jeans, please. Your body may be changing, but slipping into comfy jeans will bring a sense of familiarity and confidence. 

- Leggings, the heroes of comfort! Make sure you have a couple pairs of these magical bottoms on rotation. They mold to your body, giving you the ultimate comfort and flexibility throughout your journey.

- Give yourself the freedom to breathe in a stretchy bra without under-wires, clasps and all things constricting. Absolute relief for changing breasts. 

- Neutral basic Tank Tops or Camis are the layering champions! Pair them with your favorite shirts (unbuttoned), jackets, blazers, or cardigans from your existing wardrobe. They'll give you that extra length without any belly peeks.

- These go-with-everything maternity tops are a wardrobe must-have. You’ll love the comfort and versatility of the Everyday Top + Flattering Wrap + Overlay Feeding Top and Easy V-Neck Tee.

- Maternity Pyjamas, a dream come true! You can't go wrong with these cozy essentials in the softest fabrics. Bonus points: all our pyjamas are breastfeeding-friendly and perfect for supporting your postpartum recovery. 

- Keep it effortless with a neutral or classic-style dress. It's the ultimate throw-on-and-go outfit that can be easily dressed up or worn casually. The Over The Bump Skirt can be styled in many ways, it works for pregnancy and long after baby arrives.

What maternity clothes do I really need?

What is the best thing to wear in hospital after giving birth?

It’s GO-TIME baby! Hospital Bags should ideally be packed by around 32/33 weeks pregnant (juuust in case). You’ll feel more relaxed and prepared, knowing that you have everything needed for the big day. Tap here to read our Tips for packing your hospital bag, including a printable checklist.

What is the best thing to wear in hospital after giving birth?

How long will I wear maternity clothes for?

Ridiculously comfy clothes from pre-bump all the way through your pregnancy into the 4th trimester (and beyond)! 

What is the fourth trimester? It’s the 12 weeks of life on the other side of pregnancy - a whirlwind where new moms go through massive physical and emotional changes as your baby adjusts to being outside the womb, and you adjust to your new life as a mama.

The days, weeks and months after birth, your body will look and feel different – and it’s normal to struggle with those changes. It’s important to find ways to accept, respect and appreciate what your body has accomplished and been through. You’ve just created an actual little human!

Postpartum ‘bounce back’ is nonsense. Take the time to recover. Have that shower, eat those snacks, SLEEP, listen to your body, lean on your partner/ friends/ family. Be kind to yourself!

It can take a while to build up your momfidence (mom confidence) and that’s ok. You’ll love the comfort and support of Cherry Melon maternity wear for postpartum recovery.  

Whether you deliver vaginally or via c-section, you can expect to look down and still see a bump as a result of an expanded uterus. Every woman’s body is unique, but on average it takes women about six to eight weeks for her uterus to contract fully. 

So how does maternity clothes help me after baby arrives?

Your maternity pants will give that much-needed flexible fit and support to heal. 

Your maternity bra will support your expanding breasts and give you quick, easy access for breastfeeding and pumping.

Your maternity tops provide comfort and a flattering silhouette for your changing body. What's more, many of our maternity tops conveniently double as breastfeeding tops, ensuring easy and discreet feeding access while keeping your belly covered.

Your maternity dresses offer an easy ‘put-together’ outfit that flatters your mom-bod and allows for breastfeeding at home and out n about. 

Many of our awesome customers love to brag how they’re still wearing their Cherry Melon maternity clothes yonks after baby arrived. Years of comfort… now that’s value for money!

How long will I wear maternity clothes for?