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Going Home Outfit for New Moms

What should moms wear when coming home from the hospital?

Whether you deliver vaginally or via C-section, expect to look down and see a bump. You'll probably still look about 5 months pregnant when leaving the hospital (which is totally normal as your uterus shrinks back down, and excess fluids are flushed out of your body). Skip your non-maternity clothes and rather opt for clothing specially-made for postpartum care and healing.

What is the best Going Home outfit for mom?

Baby's outfit? Check. Hospital bag? Packed. But hold up, what about your fab "going home" look? 

We get it, after days spent in a hospital-gown and pyjamas, slipping into something that feels a bit more put-together sounds like a vibe. 

The comfiest Going-Home Outfit for mom after giving birth is a buttery soft, loose top with easy feeding access and pants with a soft, stretchy waistband that lets you move and heal without pressure or restriction.

Stylish Going Home outfit idea

The best postpartum outfits should prioritize the 3 C’s: comfort, confidence, and convenience! Our top pick for a comfortable postpartum outfit for leaving the hospital (but also make it trendy)… the Overlay Feeding Top and 24/7 Jogger.

Going Home Outfit - Overlay Feeding Top Going Home Outfit - Soft Stretch Jogger

A black-on-black outfit is a timeless and flattering style. Wearing black, a colour associated with sophistication and elegance, can help boost self-confidence during this transformative time. 

Bonus: black camouflages stains. The postpartum period can involve unexpected spills, leaks, and stains, especially when dealing with newborn care and breastfeeding. 

Style this look with some fun, colourful sneakers or slip-ons – or keep it monochromatic with black/white sneakers and some gold jewellery.

Throw on a comfy, chunky cardigan in the cooler months.

Top off your postpartum look with a mom bun – because you've earned that effortless chic 😉

What should I wear home after a C-section?

The Super Soft Joggers are C-section friendly and will not rub against, or put pressure on your incision. So whether you deliver via C-section or vaginally, our top pick outfit will work for everyone. Shop >> Going Home Outfit.

Cherry Melon Going Home Outfit

So here's to you, tired yet exhilarated mama, on this journey back home. Slip into something that hugs your body and your soul, and get ready to own the ride of a lifetime… spit-up stains, sleepy smiles, and all. 

PS. You've got this! 🖤