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How to Build your Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

From morning sickness that sends your world spinning to the relentless aches and pains, mamas, you know this journey can be a wild roller coaster. That’s why having the right maternity clothes is like a warm and reassuring hug for your physical and mental well-being. 

It’s not just about clothing; it’s about wrapping yourself in comfort, finding the support you need, and celebrating the beauty of your ever-changing body.

What is a Maternity Capsule Wardrobe, Anyway?

Before we dive into the cherry-picking process, let's quickly decode what a maternity capsule wardrobe is all about:

A minimalist maternity capsule wardrobe is like a special collection of clothing handpicked to make your life simpler during pregnancy, after giving birth, and beyond. Picture it as a curated set of stylish, comfy, and classic pieces that can be mixed and matched into lots of different outfits. A capsule wardrobe makes getting dressed easier, saves you time and money, and sticks with you through all the changes your body undergoes.

How to Build Your Maternity Capsule Wardrobe: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to build a maternity capsule wardrobe

Step 1: Starting with Bottoms
Let’s kick things off by building the base of your maternity wardrobe with specialised maternity pants. Regular pants become uncomfortable, buttons and zips stop cooperating and your favourite jeans will develop a love-hate relationship with your belly button. If you haven’t felt it yet, trust us, you will (wink wink). 

Begin with bottoms; these are super important for comfort, functionality and style. You don’t have to wait till you’re bursting out of your non-maternity clothes - all of our maternity pants grow with you from that early first-trimester ‘bloat’ all the way to full-term. There is no bump too big or too small.

Start with options like the relaxed Mom Jeans, a pair of comfy Leggings and then a neutral maternity pant like Chinos or Cropped Wide-leg Pants. These three different styles and silhouettes will give you lots of options for creating many different maternity outfits. From there, as and when you can, add any of the Maternity Capsule Wardrobe pants, shorts or skirts - which are all designed to be worn over and over again. Let YOUR lifestyle and YOUR personal style dictate what to buy - and let YOUR comfort dictate when to buy them.

Maternity Capsule Bottoms

Step 2: Top Up
Base layer, check. Now, let's shift focus to tops. Are your regular tops starting to look like crop tops, but you're not that comfortable bearing your skin nor quite ready to embrace that trend just yet? No worries, we’ve got your back (and your front).

It's time to get a few neutral (goes with everything) maternity tops and tees that pair with jackets, blazers, shirts and cardigans already in your cupboard. 

Our Tank Tops and Cami’s are versatile pieces that will be your mixing-and-matching superheroes, helping you create a variety of outfits, effortlessly. They’re also fantastic for layering under your non-maternity tops to give you more clothing options, while keeping your baby bump covered of course.

You’ll also love the comfort and versatility of the Everyday Tee (stripes are a chic and classic print that mix well with everything),  Easy V-Neck Tee which is super flattering and easy to wear, and the Oversized Shirt can be dressed up or down and layered with everything.

Maternity capsule tops

Again, let your own comfort and lifestyle lead the way. You cannot go wrong with any of the Cherry Melon maternity tops.

Step 3: The Dress Factor
Maternity dresses are your best friend. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable - but also a complete, all-in-one outfit. You can add your own style with shoes, jewellery, or a cute moon bag or sling bag. We kept the colours neutral, so you can wear them day in and day out (trust us, no one will even notice). Dress up the Strappy Maxi Dress, Everyday Dress, Everyday Midi Shirt Dress and Bodycon Dress with a pair of chunky heels, or keep it casual with your most comfortable and favourite pair of Birkenstocks or sandals. Whatever you decide, our full range of maternity dresses offer tons of style mileage with the least amount of thought required. Plus, they also work for breastfeeding and long after the baby arrives.

Maternity capsule dresses

Step 4: Jumpstart your Maternity Fashion Game
For the modern mom-on-the-go, the Stay Cool Jumpsuit in white and black is a versatile, easy-to-wear choice that pairs beautifully with our Crop Top for a match made in Heaven. All of our maternity capsule wardrobe tops look fabulous with the Jumpsuit. Finish off with a comfortable pair of white sneakers or beige sandals and a mama moon bag.

Maternity capsule jumpsuit

So there you have it, your step-by-step guide to cherry-picking the essentials for your Cherry Melon Maternity Capsule Wardrobe. With these pieces, you'll be ready to tackle every aspect of your pregnancy journey with pure comfort and fabulous style. 

Mama, please note that you don’t have to scoop up every style in the Maternity Capsule Wardrobe! Choose the ones that suit your needs, with the confidence that a) everything pairs perfectly together b) everything is specially designed to grow with you c) everything will give you tons of wear! and d) everything will go with items already in your cupboard.

The Cherry Melon Maternity Capsule Wardrobe is designed to be like your BFF, giving you the Freedom to Grow and the Space to Breathe. It's a collection of timeless pieces that understand the unique challenges of pregnancy and provide that extra layer of comfort and confidence you deserve.