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Maternity Size Guide

What size maternity clothes should I buy?

Maternity clothing sizes work the same as regular ones do, meaning, you're the same size in maternity clothes that you are in regular clothes.

If you normally wear a size medium, you'll be a maternity medium, too. If you buy a medium in the first trimester, that same medium will be a loyal companion all throughout your pregnancy (and beyond)! Cherry Melon clothing accommodates not only your growing belly and breasts but caters for normal weight gain too. 

If this is your first pregnancy, it's nearly impossible to figure out how your body will change as your pregnancy progresses. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you stick to your pre-pregnancy size and do not 'size up'. Sizing up may lead to ill-fitting tops and pants being too big, which gives you that "dropped crotch" or "slipping down" feeling. But, everyone is different and it's important to get what's comfortable. 

We suggest buying a size up if (a) you have a very large bust (normal preggie growth excluded); (b) you feel like you have gained extra weight (above the normal weight gain range); (c) you're having twins or triplets.

Feeling a tad nervous about ordering online without the traditional "try on" experience? Fear not! Take your hip and bust measurements in centimeters and compare them to our handy-dandy size chart below:

Cherry Melon Size Guide

For any more assistance, please reach out to us via email, or call one of our helpful store experts. We're here to help.



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A breast’s best friend!


  • Relieves sore breasts
  • Stimulates milk flow
  • Helps relieve engorgement


  • A pair of breast soothers
  • Comes in a fabric baggie with How-to-Use pamphlet


  • 100% Cotton


  • Natural flaxseed


Sore breasts?
Soothing and natural, Breasties are placed inside your bra or cami to comfort sore breasts during feeding as well as weaning.

How to use Breasties?

  • Use HOT from the microwave to stimulate milk flow, prevent blocked ducts and mastitis, pump more milk and relieve pain.
  • Use COLD from the freezer to soothe and heal tender or swollen breasts, help relieve engorgement and blocked ducts and ease pain of nipple chafing or discomfort from teething or weening.

The perfect baby shower gift and a must-have for all postpartum mommies. 

P.S You’re amazing! Just take it day by day. Set small goals. You got this!

* Please note, we cannot accept returns of this product.