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When do I start to wear maternity wear?

You may feel resistant to change from your normal wardrobe to a whole new preggie one, or you may be excited. Either way, at some stage of your pregnancy you will inevitably need to make the transition. All begins to swell - belly, breasts, and often thighs, ankles and arms too! A daunting thought, but one totally manageable when wearing the right clothing. So the right time to start is when you’re no longer comfortable in your own clothing. The button of your jeans may start pressing on your belly, or the length of your top may be slightly too short. You’ll know… with Cherry Melon you can start at any time, as early as 8 weeks even. The fit and styling is such that it’ll suit your changing shape at all stages of your pregnancy.


How do I shop for maternity wear?

At Cherry Melon you will start with your pre-pregnant size, and this should be your size throughout your pregnancy (unless carrying twins, this changes things slightly). Don’t make the mistake of going one size bigger “so I can grow into the clothes”. Cherry Melon caters for that growth. So find the size that fits now, and you’ll more than likely stick with it throughout your pregnancy.


Will I need a new bra during pregnancy?

Yes you probably will. Your breasts, like the rest of your body, are changing. They become bigger and more sensitive. So it will be a good idea to change your bra when your breasts are getting heavier, for the extra support and comfort.


Can I wear a feeding bra during pregnancy?

Many women do. Just remember your breasts are growing throughout your pregnancy, some more than others as we’re all different, so what might fit you now may not fit you so well later on in your pregnancy.