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Mama Gift Guide

What is a good gift to give a pregnant woman?

With a little human on the way, there's so much to celebrate and be grateful for! Need some help finding your favourite new mama that perfect gift? We know how difficult this can be! Cute prezzies for baby are fun, but she may appreciate it more if you make her feel supported, spoiled and like the star of the show.

So whether you're shopping for your wife, daughter, best friend, co-worker or yourself (because why not?) we've got you covered. These trusty recommendations will make the best gifts for any new mom, plus they will carry her all the way through pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and beyond.

What can I buy my Pregnant Partner / Friend / Sister?

When it comes to spoiling your pregnant loved-one, there are fool proof ways to make her feel extra special and truly spoiled.

1) Cherry Melon Gift Card:

When navigating the tricky waters of size, personal style, or fussiness, this is the ultimate fix. No more second-guessing or worrying about getting it just right. A Cherry Melon Gift Card is your easy, and cannot-go-wrong option.

This way she also gets to enjoy the shopping event herself, making the journey into motherhood a personalized experience. Cherry Melon dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, tops, shorts, PJs, leggings + more – all offer game-changing comfort with the freedom to grow and space to breathe. When the gift is whatever she wants it to be, you've nailed it!


Great way to treat a special mamma far from home. Love how easy-to-use it was.’

‘I bought the gift voucher for my daughter who is expecting our first grandchild. My daughter ordered her Cherry Melon outfits online and is so absolutely impressed. Thank you for stylishly dressing up my beautiful Mommy to be!’

‘Perfect gift for my pregnant daughter in law, she just loved shopping with you.’

Maternity Gift Card

 2) Cherry Melon Pyjamas:

Unfortunately, we’re all out of sleep vouchers but the next-best thing she needs is the support of comfortable PJ’s, specially created for pregnancy and new-mom life. Made of luxurious, silky-soft fabrics, they’re breathable and stretchy - because everything is better in good pyjamas.

Give her the gift of relaxation where she can spend the entire night in comfort. A well-rested mama is a happy mama. Bonus: She can spend all day in Cherry Melon PJs and still feel put together.

How do I know what size to buy her?

Not sure what size she needs? Sneak into her cupboard and check her sizes. Once you find the number, use our trusty size guide. If she borders two sizes, or if you’re just not sure, we suggest purchasing a size larger, as most people prefer loose fitting sleepwear. Chat with us at we’d love to guide you through it!

What Style of Pyjamas?

If you have no idea which pyjamas to pick, go with the basics. Classic styles like the Button-Up PJ Sets and Sleep Shirt are beautiful and always work, whether getting some much-needed sleep, lounging at home or packing for the Hospital.

Can she wear Maternity Pyjamas after pregnancy?

Absolutely! The front-button and easy pull-aside PJ tops are perfect for breastfeeding and pumping, and the stretchy waistbands are designed with a flexible fit to support growth and fluctuating postpartum weight. They’re also just next-level comfortable for every stage of her motherhood journey.

Based on reviews like these, you just know that PJ Gifts are going to make her feel like a million bucks!

The best maternity PJ sets ever!’ ‘Absolutely love them!’

Very comfortable, perfect for post caesarean’

 The fabric is amazing and I absolutely love the fit!’ ‘Super soft and comfy. Ordering loads more!

Maternity Pyjama Gifts

Whether you're indulging her in a shopping spree or providing the ultimate in relaxation with our comfy maternity pyjamas, you're guaranteeing she experiences the best of both worlds. It's the ultimate gesture to express your love and support during this special time.

3) Hospital Bundle

Gift the expecting mama in your life with our Hospital Bundle, a stress-free solution for labour and delivery preparation. Packed with comfort, confidence, and savings, this bundle is not just practical; it transitions seamlessly from hospital stay to newborn snuggles, postpartum healing, and guest visits. Make her journey to motherhood a little easier with this all-in-one gift of care and preparation.

Sizing Tips: Sneak into her cupboard and check her sizes. Once you find the number, use our trusty size guide. If she borders two sizes, or if you’re just not sure, we suggest purchasing a size larger, as most people prefer loose fitting sleepwear and loungewear. Chat with us at - we’d love to guide you through it.

Gift Ideas for Pregnancy

4) Sentimental Gifts

Celebrate the journey to motherhood with a sentimental gift that speaks to the heart. Consider a timeless Maternity Photoshoot - capture those beautiful moments and the excitement of what's to come. Alternatively, gift her a Pregnancy Journal, providing a heartfelt space to pen down thoughts, dreams, and milestones.

Pregnancy Journal Gift Idea

Whether through captured images or written words, these gifts reflect a profound acknowledgment of the transition to motherhood.

5) Pamper Gifts

Indulge her with pamper gifts that scream self-care. A Pregnancy Massage is a soothing calm for her tired body, offering some much-needed relaxation and positive vibes. For a touch of luxury, a Pedicure or Hair Voucher is the ultimate ticket to pampering, giving her the chance to unwind and feel utterly spoiled. Because, let's face it, self-care goes a long way in making the pregnancy journey a little easier.

Pregnancy Pamper Gifts

6) Happy Gifts

Picture this: a thoughtfully curated Gift Hamper loaded with her favourite snacks and treats, satisfying those pregnancy cravings in the yummiest way. The beauty of an orchid or her favourite flowers brings a touch of nature's happiness into her world – paired with a choccie for the ultimate flavour fusion. The perfect recipe for brightening her day.

Gift Ideas for Pregnant mama Orchids

7) Our Recommendation for First-Time Mamas

If you’ve given birth before, you will know the value of good quality underwear and breast care during the first few weeks postpartum. One of the best gifts you could give a soon-to-be mom is a pack of Breasties.

These are perfect for tender and swollen breasts. A feeding cami and Seamless Feeding Bra are also essentials that make awesome gifts for a special friend.

Breast Soothers for new mom

Need some more help on how to shop the gift voucher of perfect set of pregnancy PJs? Watch this video